Barker is a handmade, slab serif typeface constructed out of dog food. The inspiration came from my dog, Harley. Being fairly colorful, Barker gives off a playful vibe. The background is one of my own images of a sidewalk. Not only does Barker come with all 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9, but it even comes with a dog print dingbat.
Barker's main use is for display purposes. Shown here is an advertisement to not abandon your pets. This typeface can have a variety of different looks just by changing the hue, or even the saturation, of the text color. This poster demonstrates that not only does Barker look great being in color, but it also looks great in other colors as well, proving that no matter what color background you have, Barker fits right in.
All photos were taken by Zack Scholl
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